Feral Gate (1.8m high)

Clipex® feral gates are1.8 metres high and come in two options: 12 feet and 14 feet wide. Made super tough to keep feral animals off your property and to complement Clipex® feral fencing. These feral gates have two types of mesh: hot dipped galvanised 200 x 100 x 5 mm mesh at the top and 50 x 50 x 5 mm mesh at the bottom where extra strength is needed most.

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Designed to keep feral animals out

Designed to keep feral animals off crops and protect valuable grazing land, Clipex® feral gates are tough enough to stop them in their tracks at the gate. No more is a gate the weak link in a fence designed specifically to keep animals out. Reinforced small square steel mesh at the bottom of the gate gives greater strength at the height feral animals put the most pressure to push through. Notched joins in the 2.3 mm heavy galvanised tube adds strength and durability.

Clipex® addresses Australia’s feral animal problem

Primary industries are the backbone of Australia’s wealth. Livestock, wool and cropping have supported Australians for more than 100 years. Feral animals destroy crops and valuable feed costing farmers significant financial losses every year. Clipex® leads the way with its uniquely designed, easily installed feral fencing systems that work in conjunction with water and pasture management to protect against feral animals. Tough and durable, made from the highest grade steel, Clipex® products need minimal maintenance making feral gates a cost-effective, long-term investment.

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